damian mcginty, glee, rory


Hello and Welcome to my community. I am your moderator and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Now let me explain the rules of this comm.

1. Be kind and courteous to everyone, if you find slash offensive (which is ManxMan) then you really shouldn't be here. However stories pertaining to the friendship of Eli and Scott are all good. If it centers around  them, then your fiction belongs here!

2. Fanfiction, pictures, news, discussions; as long as it centers around both Eli and Scott it's allowed.

3. Put all fic, no matter how small behind an lj-cut!

4. Have the apropriate warnings outside of your lj-cut.. Such as Title, Author's name, rating, spoilers, etc.

5. Tag your posts please.

6. No bad fic here, please! Spell check and/or have a beta look over your work.

Yeah, those are the rules. I may or may not do add on rules because hey us American's saw fit to change the Constitution, 27 times. Nobodies perfect. :P Anywho, my reasons for this pairing are pretty simple. I find their banter adorable! I love Eli and Lieutenant Scott is pretty cool too!  I hope you have a good time on this here community~ Enjoy yourself~